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Trepco Production Company, Inc.

Our Company

Trepco Production Company, Inc. is an oil and gas operating company located in central Oklahoma and established in 1979.  Trepco's management team combines innovative ideas with solid traditional principles in providing oil and gas operational services.

Our Purpose

Trepco provides a strategic alliance for clients. From engineering, production, operations and accounting, to complete oil and gas management.  Trepco's goal is to provide an efficient and reliable operating company with the working interest owners objective being the priority. We are on a constant quest to develop and protect our future reserves.

Our Strategy

Trepco's strategy is to utilize efficient operating methods and advanced technologies to enhance and develop oil and natural gas reserves. Trepco provides our interest owners with full detailed accounting and electronic delivery of revenue and expenses.  Operating and managing wells in Oklahoma and Texas, Trepco's staff has the capability and resources to thoroughly produce each well to its economic limit.